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May’s Nail Art Challenge


As always Californails has come up with another awesome challenge.Will you be joining in this month? I can’t wait to see what everyone comes up with!


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Polish U-Turn

Hello Lovelies,

Today’s post is about nail trends. Some we follow, some we don’t, some we peek at with our shaking head in our hands ‘what on earth were they thinking?’ And then there are a special few that are ‘growers’.

Here’s a polish I bought two years ago in a blogsale but never did a post about! At one time these type of polishes (glitters in a milky base) were a revelation. You couldn’t go on any social media without seeing swatches of these white-washed glitters, and the majority of them were being produced by Indie brands.

 Party on my yacht swatch

Pretty & Polished ‘Party on my Yacht’ is also an indie brand polish and this was one of their early releases. Once again these opaque bases filled with glitter pieces seem to be making a comeback.

When I first saw this type of polish I wasn’t convinced. Why would you want a polish that saps the life from your glitter? Dulling it’s sparkle? Blunting it’s impact? But as with so many nail fads I finally bit the bullet and gave it a go. And I love it.

Pretty & Polished label Glitter sinkingPolish CU

Party on my Yacht comes out as a multi-faceted puddle of pinks, purples, silver and green. The tiny round glitter pieces displaying both iridescent and opaque qualities (which make the colours look almost pastel versions of their former selves). Each coat adding extra depth; the pictures here show three thin coats.

The formula itself was a little drippy but each swipe is packed full of glitter,despite the tendency for a lot of the glitter to fall to the bottom of the bottle. It dries fairly quickly with a surprisingly shiny finish.

Finished shot of mani

Mini glitters galore

If you want to get Party On My Yacht you are in luck! Pretty & Polished has relaunched it on their website but be quick as it’s limited and once it’s gone it’s gone. As you can see from my bottle shot Pretty & Polished’s branding and packaging has improved immensely from those early days and I hope they continue to grow.

If your not lucky enough to snag one, or prefer to see what other milky delights are available, check out the offerings in Rainbow Connection’s sale (UK stockists of some of the most desirable Indie polish brands)


So here’s what I’d like to know; is there a polish trend that you disliked initially that you have now found yourself won over by?

Neon Dry Brush Manicure

Hello lovelies,

My post today is all about the summer-soaked polish of the season – Neons!

If I’m brutally honest (unfortunately this is often my default position) I have never been a huge fan of neons. Don’t get me wrong I love colourful polish but my aneamic white skin is almost transparent and the addition of neon on my nails just highlights the fact.

However, I wanted to show you my neons this week for two reasons.

Reason one: It’s an experiment. As you’ll see from my Weekly WANT a few weeks ago, I am lusting after the new Polish for Tans collection from ModelsOwn but was worried my neon aversion could not be overcome. Until I saw an awesome review on Fee’s Make Up Savvy blog! Now I desperately want them, and as soon as my self-enforced No-buy is over they will be mine!

Reason two: I joined a lovely FB Group called Nail Art Hangout. It’s pretty much as you’d expect. Lots of lovely ladies chatting about nail art (what’s not to like?) I like joining groups like this as in my ‘real world’ there aren’t many people as lacquer-focused as you internet peeps. So I can talk as long as I like about polish without the eye-rolls (common place among family and friends). The theme the group has chosen this week is NEON!

My choice to do a dry brush mani was also twofold. I wasn’t brave enough to have a whole nail of neon and also I’ve seen this technique A LOT lately and really wanted to give it a try myself. And if you want to see a stunning example of dry brush check out Nicole’s at Nail Polish Wars ‘Oil Slick‘. It totally blew me away.

So, for my manicure I started with a white polish base. I used a Next Cashmere polish but any white will do.

 Dry brush pink cu

Then I used BarryM Pink Flamingo; brushing as much excess polish as possible into the inside of the neck of the polish bottle (and also a little onto an old magazine, to ensure the brush was really dry!)

Then you streak across each nail, working the brush in a different direction on each finger for a less uniform look.

Dry brush pink

Earlier I said I haven’t many neon polishes – sad but true – so I cheated a bit on this next bit and teamed the pink with a lovely popping purple from Jessica Nails called Purple Burst. This is genuinely one of my all-time favorite purples and I am guaranteed to get positive comments whenever I wear it.

Using the same ‘dry-brush’ technique I decided to streak the purple in the same direction alongside the pink.

This picture really shows how bright these polishes are side by side

This picture really shows how bright these polishes are side by side

When I had finished I decided I loved the 80’s grunge effect so much I’d try and enhance it with a matte topcoat (here I used Nails Inc’s Westminster Bridge but any matte will do)

 Dry brush final

You’ll love this nail art if:

You want something quick and easy. No waiting between coats, no precision work and even the matte coat at the end is super fast drying!

What do you think? Will you be trying out this manicure? Are you a neon fan?

Here’s a fun challenge anyone can join in with

Look out for my contribution soon 😉


LUSH’s Weekly Want

LUSH's Weekly Want

Healthy Nails Crystal File Review

*Products provided for honest review


So I have a great product to introduce to you all today. The Crystal File by Healthy Nails is a glass file which comes in it’s own hard plastic travel case.

If there’s one thing you can do to help your nails, it’s get a good nail file. So many people blame their nail polish, their base coat, their topcoat, their hand cream, etc. for chipped, flaking and broken nails but in all honesty, it starts with your filing.


Here are my three main rules for keeping your nails chip-free:

  1. Little pickers…MUST STOP. Remember to remove your polish, gel or acrylics correctly. Picking is NOT an option. Each time you pick you are taking off tiny slivers of nail,causing damage that no topcoat, hand cream or base coat can repair

  2. Try not to use your nails as tools. It’s tempting to use your nail to open up the back of your phone but it’s just not worth damaging your nails for. The more you resist those pickables (price stickers, plastic wrapped DVDs, etc.) the quicker you will notice an improvement in the condition of your nails

  3. Get a good file. The damaged caused by poor filing is irreparable – only solved by ‘the big chop’)

So when Healthy Nails sent me this sleek file for review I was excited to try it out.

First impressions

When I shook the parcel I was a little nervous of the rattle I heard. But on opening it up I was pleased to see the file was far from broken, but instead was safe in it’s very own hard plastic casing. The case itself is a sleek silver tube; perfect for handbags. So now there’s no excuse for biting off torn or chipped nails.


I was given the choice of three colours but asked Andy who contacted me to choose whichever he liked. So on opening was pleased to find a classic, black handled file.

The feel of the file was also surprising. I’ve used a few glass files previously but this one has a much finer grain. So smooth in fact I was doubtful it would work well. Thankfully I needn’t have worried.

Did it do the job?

In a word: yes!

You may have seen on Instagram that I have a major break in my thumb nail. This is usually a warning sign to me that my nails may be getting overly long. It was therefore important to me that the file was able to bring my nail down a few millimeters without any further damage.

I was tentative at first, shaving off one powdery swipe at a time (never the back and forth sawing motion!) but on pressing a little harder was able to take off a good portion of the nail edge without any snagging or loose strands.


Final thoughts

This is possibly the best file I’ve ever used. I didn’t expect to love it so much but found it left my nails smooth and cared for. The website promises ‘you will get just as good a finish to your nail in 10 years’ time’ and if it lasts even half that I’ll be ecstatic.

Thanks again to Healthy Nails for sending me the file. You can check out their website here: They not only sell files but offer some excellent tips and advice on nail care generally too.



Still confused about posting nail polish in the UK? Hopefully this Royal Mail info will help


Happy Easter

Hope you all have a wonderful Easter. Just thought I’d share a quick picture of my Easter mani using the foil from my eggs 😉 You like?

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