Polish U-Turn

Hello Lovelies,

Today’s post is about nail trends. Some we follow, some we don’t, some we peek at with our shaking head in our hands ‘what on earth were they thinking?’ And then there are a special few that are ‘growers’.

Here’s a polish I bought two years ago in a blogsale but never did a post about! At one time these type of polishes (glitters in a milky base) were a revelation. You couldn’t go on any social media without seeing swatches of these white-washed glitters, and the majority of them were being produced by Indie brands.

 Party on my yacht swatch

Pretty & Polished ‘Party on my Yacht’ is also an indie brand polish and this was one of their early releases. Once again these opaque bases filled with glitter pieces seem to be making a comeback.

When I first saw this type of polish I wasn’t convinced. Why would you want a polish that saps the life from your glitter? Dulling it’s sparkle? Blunting it’s impact? But as with so many nail fads I finally bit the bullet and gave it a go. And I love it.

Pretty & Polished label Glitter sinkingPolish CU

Party on my Yacht comes out as a multi-faceted puddle of pinks, purples, silver and green. The tiny round glitter pieces displaying both iridescent and opaque qualities (which make the colours look almost pastel versions of their former selves). Each coat adding extra depth; the pictures here show three thin coats.

The formula itself was a little drippy but each swipe is packed full of glitter,despite the tendency for a lot of the glitter to fall to the bottom of the bottle. It dries fairly quickly with a surprisingly shiny finish.

Finished shot of mani

Mini glitters galore

If you want to get Party On My Yacht you are in luck! Pretty & Polished has relaunched it on their website but be quick as it’s limited and once it’s gone it’s gone. As you can see from my bottle shot Pretty & Polished’s branding and packaging has improved immensely from those early days and I hope they continue to grow.

If your not lucky enough to snag one, or prefer to see what other milky delights are available, check out the offerings in Rainbow Connection’s sale (UK stockists of some of the most desirable Indie polish brands)


So here’s what I’d like to know; is there a polish trend that you disliked initially that you have now found yourself won over by?


About lushnails

I'm a qualified Nail Technician based in Liverpool. This blog is my way of sharing some of my favourite techniques, products and nail designs. I love all things rainbow-coloured and spangly! Hope you enjoy reading/viewing :)

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  1. Isn’t it funny how trends that were SOO BIG are just forgotten as quickly as they get hot? I like these types of polishes, personally. I think they look cool w the different depths of glitter. I was just thinking about how flakies were such a big deal a while ago. I have some flaky topcoats I am thinking of selling and I’m wondering if anyone will even want them!! Better save them for 5 years and they’ll be hot again! Haha.

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