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I do…Accent Nail

Happy Friday peeps!

I have lots of fun things planned this weekend. One of them being a course tomorrow morning which I promise to blog about at a later date. It’s a topic I know nothing about so I’m also a little nervous but I’m sure I’ll learn some useful stuff so it’s also pretty exciting too!

So far we’re up to Part 2 of my ‘I do…’ series of posts and today I thought I’d elaborate on one of the wedding nails themes: the accent nail.

This is the perfect choice for anyone who’s wanting to do their own nails for the big day, or if you’re looking for subtle sparkle rather than in-yer-face bling.

NailsInc Accent nail

Here I am using two of my all time favourite polish brands – Jessica Nails and Nails Inc.

 Accent nail bottle shot

If there’s one time when you don’t want to scrimp on a cheap polish it’s your wedding day. Jessica Nails Berry Burst is a lovely dusty, muted pink. This lends itself perfectly to being accompanied by the silver-lilac glitter of Nails Inc‘s Devonshire Street.

 Berry Burst accent manicure

The pictures here show two coats of Berry Burst (it’s fully opaque with no visible nail line) and one coat of Devonshire Street.


Nowhere else could we have put the accent nail for a wedding manicure than on the ring finger – if nothing else it’s a helpful signal to your groom where he’s to place the ring!

 Finished manicure

Jessica Nails polishes always have a superb formula which is glossy and self levelling. However I’d still strongly recommend a good base coat and quick dry topcoat.

 Berry Burst manicure

There’s nothing worse than creating a beautiful manicure only to smudge it five minutes later! I have used a generous amount of SecheVite. It smooths out the glitter and adds an extra protective layer to your polish.


It’s also worth noting that no two pinks are alike; some lean more red, others have more blueish tones. It’s important you try them out against your skin and not just pick from the look in the bottle. It is doubly important to test if you intend to tan for the big day as what suits you pale may well clash with your tanned skin!

Is an accent nail the way to go on your wedding day? Would you have done something different on your ring finger?


LUSH’s Weekly WANT

*not sponsored

MoYou Bridal Collection Stamping Plate

MoYou Bridal Collection Stamping Plate

I do…(Part 2)


Always the bridesmaid? If you have a friend or relative getting married this year, here are some nuptial-themed nail polish collections that would make great bridal shower gifts. Just click the images* below for direct links;



Picture Polish - White Wedding

Picture Polish – White Wedding

Essie Bridal collection

Essie Bridal collection

Jessica nails Wedding Gown

Jessica Nails – Wedding Gown

Etoile Bridal

Etoile Bridal

Orly - Kiss the bride

Orly – Kiss the bride

OPI polish

OPI – I now pronounce you (from QVC)

Deborah Lipmann - Happily Ever After

Deborah Lipmann – Happily Ever After (from Sephora)

These could also be given by the bride to her bridesmaids as thank you gift. Who wouldn’t love an appropriately titled nail polish, that will last for years after the event, to serve as a reminder of the day?

For the perfect unique favour why not get a custom made nail polish from Tara’s Talons:

“Everyone loves something unique and special especially on the most important day of their life and now you can have it! Your polishes will be made to your specifications and can be named anything you’d like. I have created lots of polishes for weddings before and they have been named after the bride and groom, the date of the wedding, the location and lots of other things so nothing is off limits!”

Which are your favourite wedding-themed polishes? Did I miss out any of your favourite brands?

*all images used are PR photo’s from seller’s website with the exception of White Wedding. The photograph was used with the permission of Victoria of @manicurator Thank you!

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Hello lovelies,

I had such a great time at FabbEvents Liverpool blogger meet up and thought ‘wouldn’t it be great if someone organised a nail-bloggers meet up‘. I searched high and low for such an event. I waited patiently for one to be advertised.

Then I just thought: ‘Screw it! I’ll set up my own event’

Which leads me to the point of this post. If you are a North West nail blogger, or from anywhere else in the UK and are willing to meet up in Liverpool one Sunday, or are a beauty blogger that features nail polishes heavily – YOUR COUNTRY NEEDS YOU! (okay, that’s a little dramatic)

LUSH Nails needs you

Wouldn’t it be lovely to finally put a face to all those bloggers you read and admire? Wouldn’t it be great to talk nails with like-minded people face to face for once? Isn’t it better when we share ideas, resources and tips with one another?

The event will be a group of lacquer lovers sitting down together to chew the fat (and maybe even a slice of cake). There will be giveaways and goodie bags.

Dates, location, admission fee, brands – are all still to be confirmed depending on numbers.

If you think you might be interested please contact me via Twitter:

I’ll be happy to answer any questions.


Looking forward to an awesome event!


Anna x



I do…(Part 1)

Engagement ring pic

Are you one of the thousands of women getting hitched this summer? So far you may have found the perfect dress, scoped out the venue and organised the seating plan with military precision. However there may just be one little thing you’ve overlooked, well ten little things to be more accurate; your nails.

Whether your tying the knot at a simple ceremony in your mum’s back garden, or having the society event of the year in a highland castle, a good manicure should be part of your prep.

Once you’ve got those nails in top condition you’ll then need to decide on what colour to paint them, whether you want to go for an accent nail, or even push the boat out further and go for some nail art.

Fear not. Here are some simple ideas you may want to choose for your wedding nails:

Classic – The French manicure has lost some of it’s kudos in the last few years but if you like to keep things clean and simple you really can’t go wrong here. They look great on all shapes and sizes, so don’t worry too much if the stress of wedding planning has turned you into a chronic nail-biter. Classic pink and whites will work to enhance what you’ve got.

Colour – If you are all for matching your invites, flowers, the grooms tie, etc. then why not adopt the same colour theme in your manicure too. Pastels and nudes are great at creating a timeless, elegant look. Minimal effort, minimal fuss.

Accent – For some people wearing there nails the same way they do the other 364 days a year just isn’t special enough for their wedding day. If you want to inject a little sparkle or some personality, without looking too ‘gypsy wedding’ an accent nail is the way to go. Glitter, crystals, pearls – the list of adornments is endless.

Nail Art – For those who like to individualise every part of your wedding day. You will probably have made your own invitations, favours, and table decorations because you just couldn’t find exactly what you wanted. If you’re not afraid of colour and relish the opportunity for creativity then nail art on your wedding nails is a no-brainer. If you are going to DIY don’t forget you may need a helpful friend to paint your non-dominant hand, otherwise stamping may be a wise option.

I did read a magazine article once which advised you ask your bridesmaid to bring along a bottle of nail polish for emergency touch ups but hopefully a good base and topcoat would eliminate the need for this!


wedding kiss


So what do you think? Have I inspired any of you ‘brides to be’ out there? If you’re already married, what did you wear on your nails for the big day?

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Estee Lauder Insolent Plum

Hello there,

Well it seems as though summer is here – for those doubters I have a pink nose to prove it! (Guess the factor 50 just wasn’t enough) As per usual I had a summer spree the last few weeks. Those of you who follow me on Instagram may have already noticed. First it was the rush to get t-shirts, then came the urge for summer beauty products and my spree ended in me getting some summer highlights in my hair.

Highlighted hair

One of the priority products on my hit list was a replacement face cream. I always use Estee Lauder for my day cream; it is cooling and light (moisturising enough wihtout that clogged-pore feeling), cucumber scented for freshness and SPF 15. Did I mention I burn easy??

After browsing online I noticed Boots had their Free Gift offer on! I’d recommend everyone to check first before getting any of their Estee Lauder essentials as between the big retailers (Debenhams, Boots, John Lewis, etc.) there is ALWAYS a deal either finishing or about to start. Even those impatient types among you will only have to wait a few weeks between deals.

So as well as my day cream I got this delightfully decadent nail polish.

Plum polish

To clarify, I wouldn’t normally buy a polish priced at £14.50 and the three polishes I do own from Estee Lauder have all been bought when this offer was on. Also the chunky monkey square bottles, with their golden caps, always feel worthy of the price-tag. I also got an additional reduction on top by using my discount card – result!

If there was one tiny complaint I have about this brand (and there is really only one gripe) it’s that the stock of their polishes is always limited. If you see a polish you like online don’t get your hopes up that they’ll have it at the counter when you go in store. For this reason I ended up with a less than summer deep berry polish called Insolent Plum.

Plum close up

It’s a beautiful crelly polish, which is opaque on two thin coats and dried to a high shine. These pictures are without topcoat.

I cannot stress enough how impressed I am with everything in the EL range. (Even my man has pinched the night repair cream I got as my last free gift!)

So tell me, are you a fan of Estee Lauder? Do you think £14.50 is a little steep for a 9ml bottle of polish?


*Apologies…as I was writing this post I accidentally DELETED ALL MY PHOTOS…aaaaarrrrrggghhhh! Thankfully due to these long summer nights I managed to take some more…HUZZAH! Don’t you just love summer?






LUSH’s Weekly WANT

*not sponsored

Cutie Pop

ILNP – Cutie Pop

Check out these beautiful swatches from Kutchens Ingredienser

BarryM Key Lime Gelly

Hello polish lovers,

I hope you have all been out enjoying the sunshine. We spent a big family day out at Bangor races yesterday and we could ‘t have picked a nicer day for it. Picnic, sunshine, family and a day of racing entertainment = heaven on earth. Sadly I did get a little pinker than desired (good job I had the factor 50 on!) but it’s the first time since last summer my lily-white skin has seen the light of day.

Just thought I’d share with you all the fruits of last weeks shopping trip. I went to Superdrug to check out there 3-for-2 offers and picked up another BarryM Gelly polish. This time in the oh so summery green of Key Lime. Now that the summer’s finally here I’m loving bright nails like these.

Key Lime bottle shot

Whenever I wear any of the Barry Gelly range I get compliments on my nails. Even my boyfriend, who’s used to my polish constantly changing, gave me compliments on Blackberry Gelly last time I wore it a few weeks ago. For the price, just £3.99, this polish offers a fantastically rich formula packing a maximum colour-punch. The pictures here are JUST ONE COAT! Combine that with the sleek, high-gloss finish and I challenge anyone not to fall deeply in love with this whole collection. Also if you’re someone who is adverse to topcoat, then this is the ultimate ‘no topcoat required’ nail polish collection.

Green Gelly Nail Polish

If these polishes don’t float your boat (no idea why they wouldn’t) then Superdrug have 101 BarryM polishes to choose form in their 3-for-2 make-up offer. Who knew BarryM made so many?


BarryM Key Lime

The colour’s less accurate on this indoor shot but check out that shine!

Are you a fan of Gel-effect polishes or would you rather the real thing? Do you have a favorite brand of gel-effect nail polish?



MAY Nail Art Challenge

Another day, another challenge. Today’s #NAILARTMAY theme is Aztec so I thought I’s use one of my So Susan polishes to create a nice summery look.

Aztec blue nailsAztec thumb CUAztec nails holding sunglasses

I began with a base of Smurfette, then added dots, lines, stripes, triangles and wavy lines of white to build up the Aztec pattern.The white pen is from BarryM. I finshed with my usual Seche Vite topcoat.


There’s nothing more summery than bright Aztec patterns; it just shouts sunshine and festivals and exotic travel.

Have you tried Aztec print nails? What’s your favorite nail art for summer?

So Susan LACQUER LOVE Subscription box – polish review

Hello Lovelies,

I hope you are having a nice week so far. I spy a little sunshine out in the garden today so that’s were I’m headed next, but first let me show you the full review of the four polishes I received in my So Susan box.

Firstly let me start by saying that although the bottles themselves are relatively small (24ml polishes) the brushes and bottle necks are ‘normal’ size. I know this makes a big difference for some of you and I also can’t stand trying to paint long nails with a mini bristled brush. They hold such a minuscule amount of polish you can barely make it one full stroke without dipping back in for more polish.

Open bottle and brush

All the swatches shown below have no base or topcoat so you can see the true likeness and finishes of the polishes.


The first polish I tried of the four was Ivory – a cool peach-leaning porcelain pink creme.

I am afraid to say I was very disappointed with this one. The formula literally felt like the Ivory paint I’d use on my walls. It was streaky and sheer.

One coat of Ivory

Three coats are essential on this one (four if you count your topcoat) or the uneven finish will drive you nuts. I’m not a fan of light pastel shades at the best of times so would usually save something like this as a base for other things (stamping, nail art, etc.) but this was far too much effort for that.

Two coats of Ivory

I managed to get it fully opaque but it still doesn’t have a glossy finish, and self-leveling effect, I have come to expect of good nail polish brands.

Third coat of Ivory


Next, I nervously applied Smurfette – a bright aqua blue.

Thankfully things improved a little. The formula was still a little sheer and streaky but this built up much better after just two coats.

One coat of Smurfette

The biggest surprise with this one was the finish. Instead of a glossy sheen this polish has a matte finish which looks very similar to the leather affect polishes. The colour on the nail is also a lot more muted than it looks in the bottle.

Smurfette streaky

It really is a unique polish, and my favourite of the four polishes in this box.

Final Smurfette shot

Next up is Deep Space – as the name suggests this is a deep purple shimmer polish with large flecks of royal blue and magenta.

Deep Space coat one


Again it takes two coats to build up to full effect and cover any streaky patches.

Deep Space coat two

The finished effect is a rich medley of shimmer and textures and colours; this is definitely another original polish. Flakie fans will love it!

Deep Space outdoor pic

Last but not least comes Meteorite – a sandy-bronze shimmer. This one was also surprising.

Meteorite coat one

It is not a colour I would have bought but the finish on this one is stunning. My camera loved it too. The build up of fine glitter gives an almost holographic sheen to the final manicure.

Meteorite shine

Instead of washing me out (as I feared it might) the natural sandy colour complimented my skin tone to give a classic look.

Meteorite Finished mani

Overall – Had I looked online and saw the colours in advance I may not have chosen this box. ‘I’m not a fan of pinks and neutrals, I have plenty of blue polishes’, etc. but actually getting to see the finished look of the polishes I am won over. I hope every box has the variety of this one as it gets me trying out new things. 3/4 of the polishes I will be using again.

Have you tried the So Susan box? Would you be more tempted to try it after this review?


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