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Hello all,  just a quick note to say sorry if I’ve been a bad blogger lately. We’re moving house shortly and what with all the planning, packing, etc etc. The house is in a complete mess and I can barely find my socks these days let alone my nail supplies!

I hope you’ll forgive me and I promise I’ll have some awesome posts to come when I’m back (including all the goss from the nails meet #nwnmeet)

Please don’t unsubscribe or forget about LUSH nails, I’ll be back before you can say supercalifragilisticexpiallydociuos!

Anna xxx

LUSH’s Weekly WANT

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Essence Pro White Nails

LUSH’s Weekly WANT



Tyrian Purple

Thanks to NailPatternBoldness for providing this beautiful swatch picture of her lovely jelly polish Tyrian Purple *swoon*

Trophy Blogger

So I’ve only been blogging here a relatively short amount of time and today I noticed something for the first time – Trophies.

Here on WordPress your likes, posts and follows are all quantified and celebrated with colourful graphics in your ‘trophy case’. Although the gamer in me would love nothing better than to collect as many of these trophies as possible (more, more, more!) there’s a part of me that thinks ‘Hang on there a minute. You mean I could just post any old sh*t and still ‘achieve’ the next level?’

Trophies shot

Like many bloggers out there I put off starting my blog for a long time as I was worried I didn’t have anything original to say and even if I did write something interesting, who would read it?

Thankfully you are reading. Some of you are even coming back and liking and commenting multiple times. To those people (you know who you are) I’d like to say thank you. It means more to me seeing people commenting thoughtfully on my posts time and again, than any trophy ever would.

Yes, I could probably find something to post every day of the week and rack up a higher volume of posts but I hope you’ll bare with me whilst I compile posts that I’d actually like to read, and enjoy writing, instead of the endless swatching many nail blogs seem to have been reduced to.

                                                                             What are your thoughts on trophies? Do they motivate you to blog more or are they unnecessary   graphics and nothing more? Is a blog with more posts better?                                      




Waterfall Nails

Hello ladies (& gents),

I hope everyone is enjoying their weekend in the sun? It’s just started raining here which is welcome as I was so busy today and the clammy heat was the last thing I needed. I thought I’d share with you a manicure I tried out midweek (and it’s still going strong).


So I first saw this manicure on thenailasaurus and had to give them a go. I wasn’t in love with my first attempt, but I did get some lovely feedback so tried again.

Waterfall thumb nail

It’s actually a really easy technique – anyone with a striping brush can easily achieve great results – and as I hadn’t shared my results here on the blog I thought I’d better give it another go.

Plum Waterfall

The colours I chose are perhaps more Autumn/Winter but I was a little bored of all the bright neons and pastels. I felt like I’d neglected my purples so I used Estee Lauder Insolent Plum as my base with a dramatic metallic combination of No Place Like Chrome and Nothing Else Metals both by Essie.

Waterfall Manicure

So what do you think? Are you a fan of the waterfall mani? Are you bored of the summer colours yet (or is that just me)?

North West Nail Meet




Northwest Nails Meet

So it’s fast approaching. The nail blogger’s event of the year! (ahem, if I do say so myself)

Seriously though, I can’t tell you how excited I am to be hosting a nail blogger meet up. Not only a meet up but an EVENT; there will be goodie bags, a nail art competition with some awesome prizes, possibly even a cake or two!

All this is taking place at the awesome Sir Thomas Hotel and some of my favourite brands have kindly supported us. I won’t give too much away but I promise all those attending will have a great time.

If you’re coming – I can’t wait to meet you!

If you’d still like to come but haven’t yet received an invite message me here asap!

If you’re a nail supply/polish maker, seller, distributor and want to be involved also get in touch here asap!

If you can’t make it this time but want to see how we get on check out #nwnmeet on Twitter and Instagram

Thanks to everyone who’s helped out so far. Exciting!


Does my Lunula look big in this?

So my lunula are pretty big – I’ve had comments.


From my thumbs to my pinkies the light pink moons circle around the bottom of each nail. My thumbs are the largest by far and stretch approximately 1/3 up the nail bed.


Is this a problem (you may ask)? I asked, and found my answer on the ‘health’ pages of the internet. Some people have no moons. Some people have little moons. Some people have large moons.

Thumb lunula

Searching the internet produced a number of possible causes ranging from Overactive Thyroid and High Blood Pressure to Calcium Deficiency and Renal Failure!


However, rather than drag myself off to the knackers yard just yet there is one very important fact for me to remember – this is nothing new. If my lunula had suddenly become larger, discoloured or uneven I might start to worry but mine have always been big. More to the point so are the moons of all the women in my family. My mum, nan, sisters, aunties all have ample lunula. It’s a genetic trait passed down and NOT signs of a serious medical condition (as the internet would have me believe).

Nail Moons

I personally have no qualms with lunula – large or small it’s all fine by me, but I just wondered what your thoughts are on the matter…


Do you have large lunula? Do you ever worry your nails don’t look ‘normal’? Do you find yourself stressing about nail health articles you read online?


Independents’ Day


Hello there lacquer lovers,

If there’s one thing we love more than nail polish, it’s Indie nail polish. Those hard-working, independent polish makers tug at our heart (and purse) strings with their creative polish offerings.

So what better time to feature one of my favourite indie brands than today; Independents’ Day!

No, I didn’t forget to spell-check; Independents Day is a national campaign to encourage shoppers to support independent retailers. What easier way to do so than sit back, put your feet up and visit your favourite brands online.

The polishes I have to show you today are both from Tara’s Talons. She was one of the first UK Indie polish makers I was aware of and has a big presence in the nail polish community.

The two polishes I purchased from her site are: Fairy Brains and Spring shower.

Fairy Brains is an amazing cacophony of girlie glitters; jam packed full of pink butterflies, blue micro glitter, lilac round and hex glitter and white flowers, all suspended in a clear base.

Fairy Brains

The formula was a winner. I got good glitter coverage from repeatedly stroking the brush in one direction, WITHOUT dipping back into the bottle. The scent was very strong and chemically, but it’s not something that would put me off.

Fairy Brains Thumb

NYC & Tara's Talons

Pink Fairy Brains

TarasTalons Fairy Brains

The glitter combination in this is delicious. The metallics catch the light with dazzling brightness and the bright pink butterflies offer a pop of colour and fun. I’d recommend layering it over a base colour but the possibilities are limitless. I will certainly have fun coming up with new colour combinations.

I confess I was first attracted by the name but this polish is so much more than just a pretty name.

Spring Shower is a dark lilac crème filled with small/medium hex glitters of amethyst, pastel pink and white, and micro glitters of neon pink and white.

Spring Shower

TarasTalons Purple

The formula was perfect. A generous amount of glitter glides easily from the long, slim brush – so no need for the dabbing and fishing around you get with other glitter-packed polishes.

Spring Shower Glitter

Spring Shower on it’s own is quite sheer. If you hate VNL (visible nail line) you might want to do what I did and add a base colour. This will also preserve your precious indie polish as you’ll only need one coat!

The pictures here show one coat of ModelsOwn Grape Juice and one coat of Spring Shower. I didn’t use a topcoat but if you hate the uneven feel of glitter polish you might want to smooth it down with a thick coat of top coat.

Taras purple

Even without a top coat this polish wore really well – 7 days wear and there was just one slight chip!

I purchased both polishes online at (Fairy Brains £6.50 and Spring Shower £3.50)

There’s also currently 50% off with the code: SUMMER

There’s also free shipping on orders over £20


Have you tried Tara’s Talons polishes? What’s your favourite indie polish brand?


Stars and stripes

Hello there peoples,

I’d like to start by saying a huge apology to all you lovely readers. The eagle eyed amongst you might have noticed I’ve been AWOL for the past week. Unfortunately I’ve been fighting off a throat infection (even the absence of tonsils couldn’t save me from this one) but I just want to reassure you that I’m back and keener than ever to show my dedication to this blog and all you lovely people.

So it’s a day early but I thought I’d share my 4th of July nails in tribute to all my lovely nail fans from the US of A. Instead of doing a traditional stars and stripes manicure I thought I’d do some red, white and blue concept art.

 So here it is;

The pictures here are without a topcoat. I’ve used nail art pens for both the blue brush strokes and the white dots.


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