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Seriously Nails Guest Post

In order to reach out to my fellow lacquerheads in the blogging community I sent out a call to arms (‘request for guest posts’)  and in my hour of need Shannon from Seriously nails answered that call.

I am so glad she did; her blog is packed full of tip and advice, polish news, nail art and much more. If your looking for a blog with regular quality posts then look no further. Even more impressive is that Shannon is being generous enough to share NOT ONLY some practical tips and tricks with us all, but ALSO some awesome nailart too! I feel honored to host her post, so without further ado…


Here it is. My first ever guest blog. Thank you for the fun opportunity!

A little about me. I am a licensed nail tech in Canada (long before they removed the licensing!) since 1989! (Yikes, that’s 25 years!!!) and recently got my license in Nevada, USA.

I immigrated here to be with my wonderful husband. We live in Las Vegas where we run a Hotel Furniture Liquidation company (that is a whole other story!)

While waiting for my immigration papers to come through so that I could legally work in the states, I started Seriously Nails. The blog site gave me my sanity back. I hated not working and not being creative, so it was born out of desperation and has taken on a whole wonderful life of its own. I seriously love sharing info about nails, the business, new products etc.

OK enough about me!

Here is the post for you.

I am thrilled to be able to do a guest blog post for Anna at LUSH Nails.

“LUSHNAILS- nail lovers unite”

Anna is a nail enthusiast like us. But she is from “across the pond” as they say here in North America. Anna lives in Liverpool, UK.

I did struggle with what to write for her audience. Finally, I decided that since I have recently been doing so much nail art (and having so much fun with it) that I would write about some of the things that I have learned.

Artists who work on any platform or canvas have their own tricks and talents that they like to use when creating their art.

I have found a couple that I thought I could share with all you nail art enthusiasts.

There are many mediums that people use to do nail art. One of my favourites is acrylic paint.


Acrylic paints are one of the most forgiving mediums that I have worked with.

Unless you are painting acrylic on top of acrylic, you can fix any mistake you make with a simple swipe of a good art brush dipped in alcohol.


ImageMy next favourite trick is Matte Top Coat.

I have found that if I use Matte Top coat to place gems, rhinestones or any of the wonderful nail jewels on my nails, it has a couple of nice advantages.

The first one is that there isn’t a huge build up of clear polish to make the art impossible to dry. You can just dot on the matte top coat right where you need it and place your jewel. It dries quickly without any clumpy mess. Plus the matte finish lets you see the art work in a true form.

Here is a example of this technique

I am making a 1/2 moon with a glitter polish and “toppers” in aqua blue to outline the 1/2 moon.

Here is a pic of the nail waiting.


A pic with the toppers on tacky matte top coat.



As you can see, using the matte top coat allows you to place the gems where you want and it leaves you without a thick coat of clear or glue so your art shines through.

So there you have it. My first guest post. Thank you Anna for making it all happen!

Like Anna says “Nail lovers unite”

Shannon from Seriously Nails
Twitter – @seriouslynails
Instagram – SeriouslyNails


Thanks again Shannon for taking the time to write this guest post xxx



UK Indie Brands


First of all i would like to thank Cazzy at Special Girl Nails for helping me find some of these! Check out her blog here:

Unfortunately due to the lack of supplies and opportunities to make nail polish, there is a very small number of UK indie polish brands which makes me sad…us Brits love our indie polish just as much as our American and Australian counter parts. For us, however these polishes are more of a treat or a luxury as we have to ship them in from other countries with shipping costing anywhere up to £10 for a single polish.

I think it’s really important we support British polish creators as they are few and far between and we rely on them for our indie polish fix! Shown below are all the indie polish brands situated in the UK i am aware of, if you find anymore…

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