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LUSH’s Weekly WANT


In honour of yesterday’s BarryM Ultimate polish award, today’s Weekly WANT is their Sunset polish range. I’ve yet to buy a single one. Where to start?  I want them all!


Ultimate nail polish…

So today BarryM announced that they’d won the Cosmo award for Ultimate Nail Polish as voted by their reader’s.


I have to admit I am a fan of BarryM. When I was first getting back into nails, and wanted to build up my stock colours to start my college course back in 2008, it was the brand I turned to for quality polish at a good price.

I won’t knock the Cosmo readers decision. BarryM is clearly a good ‘all rounder’. And big congratulations to all those hardworking people at BarryM.  However, I’m sure you all have your own favourite brands that you think deserve the title more.

So which is your ultimate polish brand and why?

BarryM Silk Polish Review

I’m gonna start by saying this polish will divide fans right down the middle. It isn’t an easy polish to get along with. Like many non-gloss finishes it takes a bit of painting technique to get a good finish, but for me it was so worth it.

BarryM Silk Nail Polish

The colours – the Silk Collection comes in 9 colours. The one I chose was Meadow – a pastel blue/green that I totally fell in love with. All the shades are beautiful light and feminine colours which are just perfect as spring approaches. Each of the colours has the wonderful ‘lit from within’ sheen that creates the ‘silk-effect’ as opposed to your average matte finish.

BarryM Silk Meadow

The finish – In these pictures I did three liberal coats of polish. I know, I know, three coats is at least one coat too many when it comes to most polishes but it’s such a tricky finish that one coat looks streaky, two coats look uneven but three is just perfect! One tip I’d give is to make sure you streak the brush right down the centre to finish – even on the last coat the brush strokes are still visible and this will help get an even finish. No need for a topcoat either which will save a little time, and the dry time is also quick.

Silk Effect Nail PolishSilk Finish Polish

Availability and price – you can get BarryM online from their own website , or in-store at Superdrug and Boots. RRP £3.99 Just look out for the bow on the bottle lid.

BarryM Silk Bow Lid

You’ll hate it – if you like to polish and run

You’ll love it – if you’re looking for a reasonably priced textured polish that’s perfect for spring

Silk Meadow Close Up

Is choosing a nail polish by it’s name akin to choosing a book by it’s cover?


My I do…(Part 2) post featured a lot of polishes with wedding-related names but does that really make them the best/most appropriate polish? Shouldn’t we be screening by colour and not by name?

I know it’s wrong to choose a book by it’s cover because it’s the content inside that counts, but with nail polish it’s the exact opposite! Instead of putting them all in plain glass bottles so we can say to ourselves ‘Isn’t that just the perfect shade of blue?’ the polish makers bamboozle us with words, of all things! Is Rimmel’s Breakfast in Bed any prettier than Barry M’s Mint Green?

Then there are brands like OPI or Essie who can’t resist a tongue in cheek reference that makes us polish-lovers snigger; I’m not really a waitress and Jamaica me crazy being my respective faves.

Just when we thought it couldn’t get better (more difficult to choose) PicturePolish showed us it’s not just the names that make us smile but the tag lines too – ‘naughty girl, nice nails’ accompanying Badass on the bottle front.

Essie Mirror Metallics

Blue Rhapsody, Nothing Else Metals, No Place Like Chrome

Recently I’ve also seen a lot of nail polishes with ladies names (Zoya has definitely cornered the market on this trick though) and the main problem with these polishes is that I find myself drawn to PicturePolish’s Aurora (oh, the lady in work just had a grandchild of that name, I wonder if she’d like it) or AEngland’s Margot (oh, my sisters step-mother-in law might like that one) despite the fact that I’d never ordinarily buy polish for these people, I just like that there’s a personal connection there.

And don’t even get me started on my own name – Anna Sui (yes the whole collection is adorable) or Anna Andre Paris (what a cute logo!) get my attention purely for egotistical reasons.

Eiffel Tower

Another temptation a lacquer lover might find difficult to resist is buying a polish that represents your holiday. For example:

Nails Inc Bond Street – “I had to buy it we were ON Bond Street during our London Trip”

Jessica Nails Samba Parade – “well I had to get it whilst we were on our holiday in Rio”

OPI Vampsterdam – “it was the perfect souvenir from our girls weekend in Amsterdam”

Though in the defence of polish buyers everywhere if there’s one time you can treat yourself it’s on your holidays!



So tell me, what is in a name? Are you tempted in by polish names? Have you got a polish named after you?

LUSH’s Weekly WANT

*not sponsored


BarryM Summer Gelly Nail Paint

BarryM Key Lime Gelly

Hello polish lovers,

I hope you have all been out enjoying the sunshine. We spent a big family day out at Bangor races yesterday and we could ‘t have picked a nicer day for it. Picnic, sunshine, family and a day of racing entertainment = heaven on earth. Sadly I did get a little pinker than desired (good job I had the factor 50 on!) but it’s the first time since last summer my lily-white skin has seen the light of day.

Just thought I’d share with you all the fruits of last weeks shopping trip. I went to Superdrug to check out there 3-for-2 offers and picked up another BarryM Gelly polish. This time in the oh so summery green of Key Lime. Now that the summer’s finally here I’m loving bright nails like these.

Key Lime bottle shot

Whenever I wear any of the Barry Gelly range I get compliments on my nails. Even my boyfriend, who’s used to my polish constantly changing, gave me compliments on Blackberry Gelly last time I wore it a few weeks ago. For the price, just £3.99, this polish offers a fantastically rich formula packing a maximum colour-punch. The pictures here are JUST ONE COAT! Combine that with the sleek, high-gloss finish and I challenge anyone not to fall deeply in love with this whole collection. Also if you’re someone who is adverse to topcoat, then this is the ultimate ‘no topcoat required’ nail polish collection.

Green Gelly Nail Polish

If these polishes don’t float your boat (no idea why they wouldn’t) then Superdrug have 101 BarryM polishes to choose form in their 3-for-2 make-up offer. Who knew BarryM made so many?


BarryM Key Lime

The colour’s less accurate on this indoor shot but check out that shine!

Are you a fan of Gel-effect polishes or would you rather the real thing? Do you have a favorite brand of gel-effect nail polish?



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