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LUSH’s Weekly WANT


Nails Inc’s new spray paint nail polishes. What do you think? Gimmick or the future of polishing?




Jessica Nails new collection looks perfect for Autumn. No doubt the formula will be perfect (as always)

LUSH’s Weekly WANT

Happy National Aviation Day!


In honour of this auspicious occasion today’s Weekly WANT is Femme Fatale’s ‘Up above the world you fly’ How stunning is this swatch by Fashion Polish*? It’s the polish I’ve been lusting after most this week. What’s yours?

*thank you for allowing me to use this image x

LUSH’s Weekly WANT


In honour of yesterday’s BarryM Ultimate polish award, today’s Weekly WANT is their Sunset polish range. I’ve yet to buy a single one. Where to start?  I want them all!

Ultimate nail polish…

So today BarryM announced that they’d won the Cosmo award for Ultimate Nail Polish as voted by their reader’s.


I have to admit I am a fan of BarryM. When I was first getting back into nails, and wanted to build up my stock colours to start my college course back in 2008, it was the brand I turned to for quality polish at a good price.

I won’t knock the Cosmo readers decision. BarryM is clearly a good ‘all rounder’. And big congratulations to all those hardworking people at BarryM.  However, I’m sure you all have your own favourite brands that you think deserve the title more.

So which is your ultimate polish brand and why?

Painting Rainbows

Hello lovelies,

How are we all today? I hope you’re enjoying the last of this warm weather while it lasts because soon we’ll be back to cosying up for nights in. I am not too worried about being confined indoors for the winter as a lot of my favourite activities involve sitting quietly at home; painting my nails, blogging, reading and crafts! It seems like a lot of fellow lacquerheads are crafters too, whether it’s knitting, jewellery making or cake decorating.

For those who do enjoy polishing and do enjoy crafting today’s post might be right up your street, as I’ve tried my hand at a polish painted jewelled necklace.

Primark necklace

The necklace itself was a Primark bargain at just £4. I chose this one as I liked the jewel design (there was plenty to paint on it) and I also thought the light pink would be a good base colour to paint polish over.

I’d seen similar chunky necklaces painted in a rainbow array of colours and thought it’s exactly the effect I’d want in my own hand-painted jewellery. So out came all my brights and neons for a colourful painting bonanza.

Painting a jewelled necklace with nail polish

Rather than using two or three thinner brush strokes (as I would if painting my nails) I opted for a quicker option of thick polish strokes. This does call for a steady hand but thankfully my years of polishing have honed this skill nicely. However if you are worried you’ll wobble you could always start with jewellery with bigger jewels/stones.

Lacquer painted necklace

Starting with one bright colour, then moving on to the next and the next, the rainbow design gradually built up. I did choose to leave the ‘pearls’ polish-free though because I’m a bit of a sucker for pearls (although I much prefer the real ones!)

And here it is, the finished necklace…

Rainbow painted necklace

If anyone would like to have a go at painting this necklace themselves just let me know via the Contact Me section of the About Me page and I’ll post it on to you (UK only sorry). I would love to see everyone’s artistic interpretations!

Do you have any craft projects on the go at the moment? Do any of them involve nail polish? Is polish painted jewellery something you’d like to try?

Independents’ Day


Hello there lacquer lovers,

If there’s one thing we love more than nail polish, it’s Indie nail polish. Those hard-working, independent polish makers tug at our heart (and purse) strings with their creative polish offerings.

So what better time to feature one of my favourite indie brands than today; Independents’ Day!

No, I didn’t forget to spell-check; Independents Day is a national campaign to encourage shoppers to support independent retailers. What easier way to do so than sit back, put your feet up and visit your favourite brands online.

The polishes I have to show you today are both from Tara’s Talons. She was one of the first UK Indie polish makers I was aware of and has a big presence in the nail polish community.

The two polishes I purchased from her site are: Fairy Brains and Spring shower.

Fairy Brains is an amazing cacophony of girlie glitters; jam packed full of pink butterflies, blue micro glitter, lilac round and hex glitter and white flowers, all suspended in a clear base.

Fairy Brains

The formula was a winner. I got good glitter coverage from repeatedly stroking the brush in one direction, WITHOUT dipping back into the bottle. The scent was very strong and chemically, but it’s not something that would put me off.

Fairy Brains Thumb

NYC & Tara's Talons

Pink Fairy Brains

TarasTalons Fairy Brains

The glitter combination in this is delicious. The metallics catch the light with dazzling brightness and the bright pink butterflies offer a pop of colour and fun. I’d recommend layering it over a base colour but the possibilities are limitless. I will certainly have fun coming up with new colour combinations.

I confess I was first attracted by the name but this polish is so much more than just a pretty name.

Spring Shower is a dark lilac crème filled with small/medium hex glitters of amethyst, pastel pink and white, and micro glitters of neon pink and white.

Spring Shower

TarasTalons Purple

The formula was perfect. A generous amount of glitter glides easily from the long, slim brush – so no need for the dabbing and fishing around you get with other glitter-packed polishes.

Spring Shower Glitter

Spring Shower on it’s own is quite sheer. If you hate VNL (visible nail line) you might want to do what I did and add a base colour. This will also preserve your precious indie polish as you’ll only need one coat!

The pictures here show one coat of ModelsOwn Grape Juice and one coat of Spring Shower. I didn’t use a topcoat but if you hate the uneven feel of glitter polish you might want to smooth it down with a thick coat of top coat.

Taras purple

Even without a top coat this polish wore really well – 7 days wear and there was just one slight chip!

I purchased both polishes online at (Fairy Brains £6.50 and Spring Shower £3.50)

There’s also currently 50% off with the code: SUMMER

There’s also free shipping on orders over £20


Have you tried Tara’s Talons polishes? What’s your favourite indie polish brand?


Estee Lauder Insolent Plum

Hello there,

Well it seems as though summer is here – for those doubters I have a pink nose to prove it! (Guess the factor 50 just wasn’t enough) As per usual I had a summer spree the last few weeks. Those of you who follow me on Instagram may have already noticed. First it was the rush to get t-shirts, then came the urge for summer beauty products and my spree ended in me getting some summer highlights in my hair.

Highlighted hair

One of the priority products on my hit list was a replacement face cream. I always use Estee Lauder for my day cream; it is cooling and light (moisturising enough wihtout that clogged-pore feeling), cucumber scented for freshness and SPF 15. Did I mention I burn easy??

After browsing online I noticed Boots had their Free Gift offer on! I’d recommend everyone to check first before getting any of their Estee Lauder essentials as between the big retailers (Debenhams, Boots, John Lewis, etc.) there is ALWAYS a deal either finishing or about to start. Even those impatient types among you will only have to wait a few weeks between deals.

So as well as my day cream I got this delightfully decadent nail polish.

Plum polish

To clarify, I wouldn’t normally buy a polish priced at £14.50 and the three polishes I do own from Estee Lauder have all been bought when this offer was on. Also the chunky monkey square bottles, with their golden caps, always feel worthy of the price-tag. I also got an additional reduction on top by using my discount card – result!

If there was one tiny complaint I have about this brand (and there is really only one gripe) it’s that the stock of their polishes is always limited. If you see a polish you like online don’t get your hopes up that they’ll have it at the counter when you go in store. For this reason I ended up with a less than summer deep berry polish called Insolent Plum.

Plum close up

It’s a beautiful crelly polish, which is opaque on two thin coats and dried to a high shine. These pictures are without topcoat.

I cannot stress enough how impressed I am with everything in the EL range. (Even my man has pinched the night repair cream I got as my last free gift!)

So tell me, are you a fan of Estee Lauder? Do you think £14.50 is a little steep for a 9ml bottle of polish?


*Apologies…as I was writing this post I accidentally DELETED ALL MY PHOTOS…aaaaarrrrrggghhhh! Thankfully due to these long summer nights I managed to take some more…HUZZAH! Don’t you just love summer?






LUSH’s Weekly WANT

*not sponsored

Cutie Pop

ILNP – Cutie Pop

Check out these beautiful swatches from Kutchens Ingredienser

So Susan LACQUER LOVE Subscription box – polish review

Hello Lovelies,

I hope you are having a nice week so far. I spy a little sunshine out in the garden today so that’s were I’m headed next, but first let me show you the full review of the four polishes I received in my So Susan box.

Firstly let me start by saying that although the bottles themselves are relatively small (24ml polishes) the brushes and bottle necks are ‘normal’ size. I know this makes a big difference for some of you and I also can’t stand trying to paint long nails with a mini bristled brush. They hold such a minuscule amount of polish you can barely make it one full stroke without dipping back in for more polish.

Open bottle and brush

All the swatches shown below have no base or topcoat so you can see the true likeness and finishes of the polishes.


The first polish I tried of the four was Ivory – a cool peach-leaning porcelain pink creme.

I am afraid to say I was very disappointed with this one. The formula literally felt like the Ivory paint I’d use on my walls. It was streaky and sheer.

One coat of Ivory

Three coats are essential on this one (four if you count your topcoat) or the uneven finish will drive you nuts. I’m not a fan of light pastel shades at the best of times so would usually save something like this as a base for other things (stamping, nail art, etc.) but this was far too much effort for that.

Two coats of Ivory

I managed to get it fully opaque but it still doesn’t have a glossy finish, and self-leveling effect, I have come to expect of good nail polish brands.

Third coat of Ivory


Next, I nervously applied Smurfette – a bright aqua blue.

Thankfully things improved a little. The formula was still a little sheer and streaky but this built up much better after just two coats.

One coat of Smurfette

The biggest surprise with this one was the finish. Instead of a glossy sheen this polish has a matte finish which looks very similar to the leather affect polishes. The colour on the nail is also a lot more muted than it looks in the bottle.

Smurfette streaky

It really is a unique polish, and my favourite of the four polishes in this box.

Final Smurfette shot

Next up is Deep Space – as the name suggests this is a deep purple shimmer polish with large flecks of royal blue and magenta.

Deep Space coat one


Again it takes two coats to build up to full effect and cover any streaky patches.

Deep Space coat two

The finished effect is a rich medley of shimmer and textures and colours; this is definitely another original polish. Flakie fans will love it!

Deep Space outdoor pic

Last but not least comes Meteorite – a sandy-bronze shimmer. This one was also surprising.

Meteorite coat one

It is not a colour I would have bought but the finish on this one is stunning. My camera loved it too. The build up of fine glitter gives an almost holographic sheen to the final manicure.

Meteorite shine

Instead of washing me out (as I feared it might) the natural sandy colour complimented my skin tone to give a classic look.

Meteorite Finished mani

Overall – Had I looked online and saw the colours in advance I may not have chosen this box. ‘I’m not a fan of pinks and neutrals, I have plenty of blue polishes’, etc. but actually getting to see the finished look of the polishes I am won over. I hope every box has the variety of this one as it gets me trying out new things. 3/4 of the polishes I will be using again.

Have you tried the So Susan box? Would you be more tempted to try it after this review?



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